How to keep your location on Life360 in one place (2023)

As a GPS and location tracking app, Life360 is not designed to stay in one place. It tracks your every move and provides accurate data on where, when and how fast you are moving. Regardless, there are times when you want to get off the grid and hide your whereabouts from the rest of the circle.

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The process is easier said than done as the app follows you and is difficult to fake. It's logical to leave your phone in one place while roaming the streets, but then you deprive yourself of the device when it's not necessary. Life360 is software like any other, and there are a few simple tweaks to keep it from breathing down your neck all the time.

Here are a few tips on how to handle the app's software and keep it in one place.

Keep your location in one place in Life360 by turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data

If you disconnect from the internet, Life360 will be deactivated and the app will normally show your last location. The obvious downside to this method is that all other apps will also lose connection, limiting notifications, messaging apps, and other services. Aside from not having an internet connection, others in your group will quickly realize that something went wrong. Also, spoofing your whereabouts may not be enough.

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Fortunately, iPhone users can turn off cellular data in the Life360 application settings, while Android users have to use other methods.

To turn off Life360 cellular data, iPhone users can go tosettingson their phone and tapcellular. Turn off the switch for Life360. Unless WiFi is available, Life360 cannot report your actual location.

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Keep your location in one place in Life360 by spoofing your location

To spoof your location, you need a VPN such asExpressVPNor a fake location app. For VPN integration, we recommend reading our guideHow to use a VPN with your phone. We don't recommend any particular fake location app as there are many good options in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, keep in mind that most of these apps cost money and can be difficult to set up. Also, they affect all other apps on your phone.

Keep your location in one place with a Burner Phone

get oneBrennerTelephone is probably the oldest trick in the book. It means you have two phones and theBrennerThe device stays in place with Life360 installed on it. There is no need to tamper with any settings. You leave one phone and take the other.

The trick is to think outside the box a bit. For example, if you have an iPad or an iPod Touch, you can use that device as aBrenneror take them with you and make your smartphone a dummy.

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Keep your location in one place by turning off background app refresh in Life360

This feature allows apps to run in the background and updates information. Life360 uses your smartphone's GPS and movement tracking. Because of this, if you turn off the internet without disabling background app refresh, you may not stay in one place.

This function can be accessed via the , for examplesettingsApp on an iPhone and Android. Tap thesettingsApp, navigate down toLeben360, and bring up the menu. Click the button next toUpdate background appto toggle itout. This way you are 100% sure that the location will not be updated when the WiFi is turned off.

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  1. Android users need to goSettings > Apps > Allow background data usageand tapLeben360.
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Android also offers a battery saving function for many models.

  1. Tap ondevice careand turn off Life360 background app refresh atDrumsthe settings.
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Keep your location in one place in Life360 by disabling location and motion

Disabling motion and location tracking should be enough to keep you in one place. That means you don't have to turn off Wi-Fi and cellular for the trick to work. However, it is still advisable to turn off background app refresh.

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To put things in perspective, you have the option of eating a long lunch or running an errand without notifying everyone else in your circle. The app will continue to show the last recorded location and will remain in that location until the information is updated.

In addition, you can set the location tonext time ask, and the app will show a pop-up before it starts tracking you. This process was tested on an iPhone, but the feature name might be different on Android.

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Keep your location in one place in Life360 by enabling battery saver mode

Life360 uses a lot of battery resources to monitor and report on your location and movement statistics. Most of its functions will shut down when your battery is less than 20%. The same thing happens when you intentionally trigger battery saver mode. But there's a catch.

You must disable background app refresh to ensure location is not tracked. It's unclear if the app can override the battery saver mode if you trigger it when the battery is 50% or 70% full.

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Both Android and iPhone users have battery saver options. Android users can choose between High Performance, Optimized, Medium, and Maximum power saving options.

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Maximum power saving only allows essential processes to run on your phone, so this is probably the one you want to prevent Life360 from running in the background.

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Keep your location in one place by disabling drive detection in Life360

  1. Start app, selectsettings, and tapdrive detectionPossibility; it should be right above the FAQs. You just have to tap the button on the next window to turn off the feature.How to keep your location on Life360 in one place (10)
    • Instead of keeping you in one place, this prevents the app from tracking your movement, speed, and location. This option might work great if you're about to take a short drive, but other members of your circle will know that you've turned off drive detection.
  2. There is also an option to disableshare location; beaton it within thesettings menu and turn the button off. If you belong to several different circles, you must repeat this for each one. Again, the map shows your last location, and there is aLocation sharing stoppedMessage.

This situation is not ideal, as it could raise suspicions among the circuit administrator and other members. Therefore, you may have to resort to more creative methods.

Uninstall the Life360 app

Finally, the safest way to stay in one place is to uninstall the app. After that, the map shows your last location. There's no tracking, but you'll probably have to reinstall it to avoid raising suspicions.

Life360 and your location

In conclusion, keeping Life360 in one place is difficult, but not impossible, and you should know that it disables pretty much all emergency services in the app. In other words, you should use these tricks sparingly.

frequently asked Questions

If I turn off my location, will others be notified?

Yes, other people in your circle will know if you've turned off WiFi (which isn't a big deal with unlimited data plans. WiFi isn't required all the time) and if you've turned off your location.

Is it easy to trick Life360?

If you're a parent of a teenager or a new driver, it doesn't get much better than Life360. Even the free option gives you their location and speed, and allows you to set two locations for notifications (e.g. the kid has arrived at school). Regardless of the merits of this method, there are hundreds of TikTok videos showing teens how to bypass Life360's watchful eye. Tricking the app might seem complicated for those who aren't tech savvy, but it's pretty easy for anyone who uses technology on a regular basis.

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Does Life360 work when the phone is off?

No, only your last location and journey is shown. But it also indicates that your phone is off. Super fun fact about Life360; It also shows your battery percentage, so faking a dead battery might not work.

Can I use Life360 without mobile data?

You need a phone number to log into Life360, but you don't need cellular data to run the application. If you have chosen the Burner Phone option listed in this article, all you need is a WiFi connection and the ability to log into your Life360 account on the Burner Phone.


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