How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (2023)

A decent qualityAn above ground pool with metal walls should last a long timebetween ten and twenty years on average. However, the pool liner does not last as long and needs to be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (1)

The cost of replacing a liner in an above ground pool includes the cost of the new liner, the labor to perform the replacement, the water to refill the pool, and the starting chemicals. As of 2022, the average price range for changing your liner is $1000-$3000 for everything.


This list covers ALL the possible costs of replacing your pool liner. Most don't need to do or pay for some of these things, but it's good to know what you might need to do.

1. A new liner $300-$1200

Unfortunately, liners have risen sharply in price since 2020. Whatever you paid for your last liner, now spend 2-3 times more on it.

Depending on the type of liner, quality, and size, the current range for a liner is around $300 to $1200. For most, this will be the biggest expense of the job.


  • Heavy linerslast at least a few years longer than conventional ones
  • All-over printed liners (printed all over) will last longer than solid blue
  • Be sure to buy a liner that is made in the US or Canada. Liners made in China cost a lot less but don't last very long at all.

2. Have a professional do the liner change $400-$1500

DIYing a liner changeis easier than installing the entire pool, but most choose to hire someone to do it (if they can find someone).

How much a pool type charges for a liner change depends on a few things:

  • size of the pool– The larger the pool, the more it costs
  • shape of the basin– Ovals are trickier than round pools. The upper parts can be more difficult to manage and the liner is a bit more difficult to adjust. Expect to pay more if your pool is oval in shape.
  • If there is a terrace attached to the pool– Wooden decks built on top of the pool can make removing the top parts much more difficult. If you have a deck built close to the top of your pool, expect to pay more to have the liner changed.
How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (2)
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  • If your pool has a deep middle or deep end- Customgreater depths for above ground poolsrequires more labor, experience, time and effort to replace the liner. Yes, they will charge more for your deep end/center.
How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (3)
  • Tops are rusted together– Depending on the age and model, it can take significantly longer to loosen rusted screws when disassembling the pool to change the liner. If your pool hasn't had a new liner in over 10 years, expect to pay more to have it disassembled for a liner change if necessary.
  • wall corrosion- If yourThe pool wall is rusted throughand the pool guy can fix it, then there will be extra cost.
  • The pool is semi-underground– A tank that is slightly in the ground does not make it difficult to change the foil, but it could. If your empty pool walls want to cave in when you change the liner, you'll have to pay more. Sometimes a lot more.
  • If you live far away from where the installer lives- Don't assume an above ground pool guy lives in your town or city. Some will only have one far away. Expect to pay a travel fee for him to come out and do your job.
  • The pool has an existing main drainLining change with main drainshouldn't be a big deal for an experienced pool installer, but it takes a little more time, special attention, and usually requires at least one new gasket.


Most above ground pools do not have most of the above conditions. And if your pool is just a simple pool that is easy to disassemble, expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1500 for replacement (excluding liner) depending on pool size.

IHowever, if you meet any of the above conditions, you can increase the price by $200 to $500. In the case of collapses or wall repairs of entire parts, it could be significantly more.

3. Replacement water cost: Free – $1500

Everyone has a different situation as to how to fill their pool. Some have good clear water wells, some pay for city water and still others have to pay for a water truck.

  • Fill with well water- It shouldn't cost much. Just the electricity that the well pump needed to get the water out of the ground.
  • Fill with municipal water– Water companies differ in their water charges. Some are real gangsters, but most are at least sane. A good choice for most pool sizes, most will pay in the $100-$300 range to fill their pool with city water.
  • Fill with a water truck– This will be an expensive option. The price depends on where in the county you live and how far you have to travel. Expect to pay in the range of about ten cents a gallon.

Using a water truck to fill a 24-foot, 14,000-gallon round pool as an example, it costs about $1400. And that takes at least two trips.

4. Start-up Chemicals Pool $20 – $300

How much it costsput a newly filled pool into chemical operationdepends a lot on the quality of the water you fill it up with.

Municipal or city water is already treated and balanced, so it should take no more than shocking and possibly adjusting the pH. For an average sized pool, this should only cost around $20.

If you have filled the pool with well water then the cost will depend on what it takes to get the water clear and balanced. Usually metals are the problem, which requires some metal removal chemicals and additional chlorine.

The range of costs for the chemical balancing of a pool filled with well water is large. It can cost as little as twenty dollars as city water, or it can cost a few hundred dollars and some time to get the water clear and healthy.

(Video) Above Ground Pool Liners - Buyer's Guide

NOTE: Even if the well water is bad, it is usually much cheaper to chemically treat it than the cost of water that is trucked in.

5. Skimmer replacement/$50 return

How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (4)How much does it cost to replace an above ground pool liner | Above ground pools know everything (5)

Replacing the skimmer is not common when changing liners, but this is the right time if it's leaking or old. When you buy a new skimmer a new return nozzle comes with it, so you might as well replace that.

6 Adding or replacing liner protection $80 – $200

Sometimes referred to as gorilla or rhino pads, liner guards are not required but are popular.

Sometimes existing liner protectors cannot be reused after the floor has been reworked during a liner change, so people choose to replace them.

If you've had some problems with your pool's bottom and think a liner guard will help, then during a liner change, it's time to add one.

7 Adding or replacing foam strips $75-$150

Foam coving is another add-on that isn't necessary but has become popular. In most cases, existing foam fillets can be reused, but not always. Sometimes it flattens out and needs to be replaced.

8 Wall Foam and Glue $50-$150

I'm just a fan of using wall foam when necessary. And if it is necessary, then change the liner. Find out when you need wall foam here.

9 masking strips $25-$75

Masking strips are only needed if you have an overlapping liner. They often need to be replaced, so if you're replacing with a 1980's style lap liner then you'll probably want to have some new ones on hand.

(Video) Facts Nobody Told You About Above Ground Pools

OPINION:I'm not a big fan of overlapping liners. In the 80s that was almost everything. Then they were replaced with J-Hook types which look much nicer and are overall easier for the DIYer to install.

For a while it looked like overlapping liners used for standard bottomed pools would go away entirely, and I was fine with that. In the last 10 years or so, they've seen something of a resurgence. I think mostly due to the guys in the industry having Chinese made liners AND the archaic nature of the manufacturer Doughboy.

NOTE: You can replace an existing overlapping liner with a J-Hook type. This eliminates the need for masking strips.

10. Replace rusty parts $20-$500

Sometimes an above ground pool seems to be in perfect shape. Then you take off the top rails and notice that there's quite a lot of rusty bits underneath. Sometimes these parts need to be replaced.

Usually the two main parts that need to be replaced are the upper stabilizer bars and the upper links. And usually not all need to be replaced.

11. Replacement of bolts and gaskets $5 - $50

Sometimes the screws that these pool manufacturers use for their pools are very bad and rust quickly. Sometimes they are great and don't corrode at all.

If you find you need to replace some screws for your pool, don't be like the manufacturer. Spend a few dollars more and get quality corrosion-resistant replacements. I would take stainless steel.

Also, the gaskets for your skimmer and return fitting may need to be replaced. This depends on how crappy the originals were.

12. Repairing Existing Deck $ -$$$

Wooden decks built high on above ground pools constantly impede liner changes. When they do, boards have to come down to get to the top of the pool.

(Video) Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

When people build decks without considering future liner changes, they use poor quality deck screws and build the deck that way. This results in the deck having to be cut out of the way. Fixing what has been removed may cost a little or more.

13. Collapsed pool repair $200-$1000

That is aWorst case scenario for above ground lining changes.The pool is in the ground, is emptied, the top of the pool is removed, then the walls from the outside earth begin to collapse.

Fixing this only requires one thing - digging up the dirt along the outside of the pool wall. This may sound simple, but anyone who has ever had to do it knows the pain. A pain a pool guy like me will charge a lot for.

Imagine you have a 24 foot round pool that is three feet below ground and you pay a professional like me to replace the liner. You bought a liner for $600 and I will charge you $600 to install it. At $1200 you're in pretty deep.

Now when I start taking the pool cover apart it starts to cave in on me. At this point I give you the bad news. "It's going to cost me another $500 to $1,000 digging that pool," is what you hear. Oops!!






15' round

$250 - $400

$300 - $500

$20 - $100

18' round

$300 - $450

$400 - $600

$20 - $200

21' round

$400 - $600

$500 - $700

$40 - $900

24' round

$400 - $600

$500 - $800

$40 - $1200

27' round

$500 - $700

$600 - $800

$60 - $1500

30' round

$600 - $800

$700 - $900

$100 - $1500

33' round

$700 - $900

$800 - $1100

$150 - $2000

12x24 Oval

$300 - $500

$400 - $600

$20 - $200

15x30 Oval

$400 - $600

$500 - $800

$40 - $900

16x32 Oval

$450 - $650

$500 - $800

$40 - $1000

18x33 Oval

$750 - $1000

$700 - $1000

$60 - $1500

21x43 Oval

$900 - $1200

$900 - $1200

$100 - $1500

*The water cost in the table is high based on the option to use a water truck. Most don't fill up with a water truck

*Liner installation costs in the table are based on a standard liner change only. Dealing with a deck in the way, Deep Center, Semi-Inground, ect. results in a higher fee.

(Video) Dropping an Above Ground Pool in the Ground (the details)

*Carrier cost in chart areas based on carrier type, quality and where you buy it.


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