Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (2023)

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (1)

Profile of the Fall 2021 incoming class

  • Average age: 29
  • Average years of experience: 5
  • 43% male, 57% female
  • 80 % USA, 20 % International

What does it cost?

Georgia residents: $32,048 to $35,868
Residents outside of Georgia: $67,668 to $79,554

Reach based on full-time and average part-time course load and fees. Classes are subject to change. Learn more under the Tuition Fees tab below.

How long it will take?

  • Full-time format: 24 months (6 semesters). Provides a quick route into the workforce.
  • Part-time format: Proceed at your own pace. Average 36 months (9 semesters). Permitted up to 5 years. Enables professionals to advance their current career.

Lessons: One day per week, offered Monday to Thursday, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:15pm

Where can I take lessons?
Atlanta Campus, Buckhead Center (200 Tower Place), Online

application deadlinesView eligibility requirements

Robinson College of Business reviews applications through admissions rounds. The online application and any additional required materials must be submitted by the deadline to be considered for this round. Each admissions round has a decision release date.Find out when a decision on your program is expected.

Students can begin the program in fall, spring, or summer.


Robinson School of Economics

Connect with a current student to learn more about the Robinson experience.

Graduate Admissions
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Take part in virtual consultation hourswith one of our recruiters to get answers to your questions.

Robinson's MBA is more popular and relevant than ever. Why? Coming from a variety of disciplines such as computer science, engineering and data science, our faculty enables you to develop not only business acumen but also high-demand skills such as analytical consulting, digital transformation and fintech.

We know you're busy and likely need to keep your job, which is why our MBA is so flexible. You can take classes when, where, and at your pace.

Customize your MBA

To maximize your learning and advance your unique career goals, you can customize your MBA program.

Customization options include:

  • Career paths in areas such as analytics consulting, healthcare company management, digital marketing and social entrepreneurship
  • Embedded Certificates of Completion in Business Innovation with Artificial Intelligence, Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Fintech Innovation
  • Concentrations in 18 areas such as entrepreneurship, information systems and business management
  • Dual degrees in big data analytics, healthcare administration and even law

Learn more about your customization options.

Integrate a certificate into your MBA

If you want to give yourself an extra edge and differentiate yourself even more from other talent, consider embedding a certificate of completion with your MBA. In just four courses, you'll develop the creativity, courage, and knowledge you need to tackle complex problems. No matter which certificate you are aiming for, you will experience our Innovation Studio, an experiential environment for networking and collaboration.

Your options include:

  • Business innovation with artificial intelligence
  • Disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Fintech-Innovation


Program Highlights

40th total part-time MBA program and 28th public university program

In March 2022,US News & World Reportranked our part-time MBA 40th overall and 28th among public university programs. We have been consistently ranked among the top 50 MBA programs for more than 20 years.

Graduate Results 2021

  • 32% average salary increase
  • 2.2 years average return on investment

Work with partner companies

You'll improve your resume before you even graduate. You are working with a company that wants to solve a complicated problem and use big data to solve business problems in our big data analytics lab.

Projects our students have worked on with partner companies:

  • Predicted customer churn through text mining with Truist
  • Development of a blockchain prototype for global payments

Participate in falling competitions

Robinson has a track record of competing in the National Black MBA Association's Graduate Case Competition. In addition to securing second place at the 2020 event, Robinson's team received the Best School Spirit Award. Robinson MBA student Dustin Reese was named Overall Best Presenter. Robinson has placed in the competition six times.

Robinson's team won first place in Ohio State University's 2020 KeyBank Case Competition, beating out 30 top schools from across the country.


  • Admission Requirements
  • curriculum
  • Instruction
  • experience as a student

Robinson's MBA equips you not only with business acumen, but also with relevant, interdisciplinary skills tailored to your career goals. Examples: analytics consulting, digital transformation and fintech.

Application requirements

  • Any bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an accredited institution
  • Online application and $50 application fee
  • A GMAT or GRE score is not required.
  • Interview
  • university certificates
  • Personal opinion
  • Resume – work experience desirable but not required.
  • Additional requirements apply to international applicants

Find out more about the application process and what you need for the application.

cornerstone core

3-6 courses | 7.5-16.5 hours

  • MBA 8000 – Managing in the Global Economy (3 Stunden)
  • MBA 8015 – Strategic Corporate Communication (3 hours)
  • MBA 8025 – Balance Sheet Analysis (3 hours)
  • MBA 8030 - Legal Environment: Ethics and Corporate Governance (3 Hours)
  • MBA 8040 - Data-Driven Decision Making (3 Hours)
  • MBA 8045 - Analytics Experience (1.5 Hours)

functional core

4-6 gears | 10.5-16.5 hours

  • MBA 8115 – Managerial Accounting and Control Systems (1,5 Stunden)
  • MBA 8125 – Digital Innovation (3 Hours)
  • MBA 8135 – Corporate Finance (3 Hours)
  • MBA 8145 – Strategic Marketing Management (3 hours)
  • MBA 8155 - Operations Management (3 hours)
  • MBA 8165 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3 Hours)

1 course | 3 hours

  • MBA 8820 - Global Competitive Strategy (3 Hours)


6 courses | 18 hours
Electives must be from Robinson College of Business or Economics. Other electives must be taken with special permission.

Some courses can be waived if admission requirements are met.Details can be found in the course catalog »

Tuition per credit hour:
Georgia residents: $499
Residents outside of Georgia: $1,308

Estimated total tuition and fees:
Georgia residents: $32,048 to $35,868
Residents outside of Georgia: $67,668 to $79,554

(Video) Jennifer Warner - Flex MBA Alumna and CEO, Fernbank Museum

Reach based on full-time and average part-time course load and fees. Classes are subject to change.

Instructiontuition per credit hourfull-time per semester
(9 credit hours)
Others fees per semesterTuition plus fees
(9 credit hours)
residents$4994.491 $$660$5.555
nonresidents1.308 $11.772 $$66012.836 $

*These figures are estimates.

Financial help

Contact Graduate Financial Services
We're here to help you understand your program's cost, payment schedule, and financing options.
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Robinson Grants

Robinson offers several scholarships through the deanery as well as the individual departments.

Find out more and apply

Search the Georgia state database

Georgia State offers a robust, searchable database of scholarships offered by the university as well as external websites.

Search the database

Graduate Research Assistants

Graduate research assistantships are available to help offset program costs. Below is a table that breaks down tuition fees after a GRA position is secured.

Find out more and apply


You will be matched with a Graduate Student Experience expert who will stay up to date on the after-school programs that will enhance your academic journey and advance your career. Activities include bootcamps on topics relevant to your area of ​​expertise, professional workshops, networking events, recruitment fairs and meet-and-greets aimed at creating camaraderie with your peers.

View a sample after-school schedule

Learn more about the Graduate Student Experience Team

Academic Results

The MBA program is aimed at people with work experience who aspire to organizational or entrepreneurial leadership positions. The program improves general managerial skills and offers the opportunity to focus on one or more functional areas of expertise. The main objectives of the program are for students to develop and integrate:

  1. analytical skills for decision-making that include global, ethical and culturally diverse dimensions
  2. Ability to assess organizational performance and develop approaches for improvement
  3. leadership skills
  4. interpersonal skills that contribute to teamwork
  5. Knowledge in all commercial functional areas

career results

Check out information on employers who improve our graduates, example job titles and salary data »

Not ready to take the plunge?
Dive in now, dive in later.

Check out oursGraduate Certificate in Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The program requires a fraction of the time and cost. You can also later apply your credits for an MBA at Robinson.

BriGette McCoy is the CEO and executive director of a non-profit organization for women veterans. Her practical experience as an operator of data telecommunications systems in the Gulf War as well as her undergraduate degree in psychology have contributed to the success of the organization. But over time she realized that she needed formal business training.

In her Innovation Studio class, McCoy built the prototype for a platform that provides a virtual mentoring community for women. Small peer groups allow participants to learn concepts and practice these skills in a safe space.


Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (2)

"I basically boottrapped everything," she said. "I didn't understand all the moving parts and didn't have a professional network."

Careers & Certifications

Program graduates work for a variety of respected companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Deloitte, Delta Air Lines, LexisNexis, NCR, Georgia-Pacific, Grady Health System, The Home Depot and KPMG. Our 2021 graduates reported an average salary increase of 32%, allowing them to repay their graduate school investment within 2.2 years.


Business Analyst

Principal Advisor

Global Sourcing Analyst

portfolio manager

Revenue Cycle Analyst


Senior Financial Analyst

senior operations analyst


Network with a large alumni base

Our alumni network is vast, with more than 70,000 alumni contributing to the success of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial startups, and nonprofit organizations around the world. When you enroll with Robinson, you become part of an alumni network that will impact your career now and in the future.

Dive in
on Wall Street

You can apply to attend Panthers on Wall Street, a comprehensive three-day field trip that includes visits to select financial firms such as Accenture, Capital One and PwC, and face-to-face meetings with executives and employees.

(Video) Robinson - MBA Student

Join the Graduate Business Association

Through the Robinson Graduate Business Association, you can connect with other graduate business students, attend professional development and networking events, and provide feedback that could be incorporated into the MBA program.

Get to know your faculty

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (3)

Perry Binder

Clinical Associate Professor of Law;
Co-founder of the Corporate Intellectual Property Institute

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (4)

Loren Kaufmann

Clinical Instructor; retired manager,
McKesson Corporation

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (5)

Thomas Conkl

Clinical Associate Professor

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (6)

Jean-Pascal Gingras

President and Owner, The Gingras Firm

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (7)

Glen Harrison

Director, Center for Economic Risk Analysis;
CV. rigid chair

Flexible MBA - Robinson College of Business (8)

business consultants in healthcare;
Lecturer, Strategic Corporate Communication

(Video) Georgia State MBA Program - Robinson College of Business

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Take part in virtual consultation hourswith one of our recruiters to get answers to your questions.

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