Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (2023)

Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (1)

What does a pool liner do? Pool liners help keep water within the pool walls and prevent water leaks. They can also give your pool a clean and neat look. Foils in the pool protect it from algae growth. This growth can give the poor an untidy appearance. Properly maintained pool liners can prevent this.

These slides cover the entire pelvic area. That goes from the floor to the walls. They can also give your pool an updated look. There are various designs and patterns to choose from.

How do you recognize a good pool liner? Some factors to consider are cost and durability. You also have to consider how easy it is to set up and remove. Depending on the type of pool you have, there are many things to consider.
UnderstandingVinylPool liner thickness

One of the most common types of pool liner is vinyl. This is due to its durability and cost. Proper measurement is essential for best results. First, it is important to understand the terms used for measurement. This will be useful for product comparison. It also helps avoid confusion and misleading information.

Some people think vinyl thickness is measured in the gauge. This can lead to incorrect measurements. Incorrect numbers can cause setup problems. This can cause the vinyl to loosen or expand.

Using the meter for vinyl is inaccurate. There are no fixed onesgauge measurementfor this. Instead, the unit mil helps measure vinyl thickness. A mil equals one thousandth of an inch.

Various thicknesses are available. Understanding this can help you choose the best pool vinyl liner for your needs.

Thickness unit for thin plastics; 1 meter =1100 Mil=1100.000inch =25.4100.000Millimeter = 0.254 Micrometer

Top 6 best pool liner reviews


  • 1. Smartline 24ft Waterfall Pool Liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (2)

    This pool liner is known for its beautiful waterfall pattern, which will add a natural look to your pool. It measures 48 x 52 inches in wall height and is best installed between 70-80 degree temperatures.


    • It's easy to install. Just make sure the bottom seam is close to the pool cover and the liner is ready to be installed in no time.
    • The Smartline pool liner is made of high quality material. It can resist chemicals, abrasion and UV exposure.
    • They have a 25-year limited warranty that includes protection against defects in materials and workmanship.
    • The Lamiclear technology is used, which makes the pool liner durable and easy to care for.
    • Featuring 25 gauge vinyl material


    • Before installation, you must expose the pool liner to sunlight for at least an hour. This is to warm the material and prevent it from wrinkling and wrinkling when in contact with water.
    • There is a required temperature during installation (70-80 degrees).

    2. In the Swim 24ft round overlap pool liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (3)

    If the waterfall pattern isn't your thing, how about a rock swirl? This In the Swim pool liner features a stunning boulder swirl design that is sure to captivate your sense of sight.

    It fits in pools with walls of 48" x 52".

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    • This has a thickness of 20 gauge vinyl stock.
    • When you buy this pool liner you get a total of 15 years guarantee.
    • Double welded seams are present in the Swim 24 foot pool liner to ensure it lasts and withstands years of use. The double-welded seams also contribute to the longevity of the liner in winter.
    • Users of this pool liner vouch for the easy installation process.


    • This does not work for the tube typeabove ground pools.
    • Prolonged exposure to the sun (without water) should be avoided as this can wrinkle the liner material.

    3. Harris 27ft Round Lap Pool Liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (4)

    Another pool liner with a great bouldering swirl design is this round overlap pool liner from Harris. However, this one is one size larger with an overall height of 27 feet.

    If you have a larger swimming pool then this pool liner is a good choice.


    • Many of its users love the beautiful pattern of the pool liner; says it goes well with her modern home.
    • This features a 20 gauge vinyl material that is 100% new.
    • Best used in pools with a liner clip on the top edge
    • You can guarantee that this is built to last with its superior durability.
    • This pool liner is also UV resistant.


    • You can only use this pool liner with pools that have steel sides and clips that hold the liner in place.

    4. Swimline 60 inch round expandable pool liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (5)

    Homes with a small pool will appreciate this 18ft pool liner. It is 60 inches deep and is best used with above ground pools.

    Although this pool liner is small, its durability and material are top notch. As such, it deserves a spot on our list of the best pool liners.


    • This is the perfect pool liner for small round pools.
    • Its seams are welded, making the liner even stronger.
    • Featuring 25 gauge vinyl material that's thick enough to last for years
    • Swimline 60 inch pool liner is chemical and fade resistant.
    • It is also protected against UV rays.
    • Has an incredible 25 year limited warranty


    • The small size is a downside for those who have larger pools.
    • This one doesn't have an interesting pattern. But if you prefer a minimalist pool design, then this is a great choice.

    5. Smartline 16ft x 32ft oval pool liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (6)

    Children will enjoy their swimming time even more if the pool has an interesting design. This 16ft x 32ft pool liner from Smartline features a fun fish design.

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    Nicknamed "Dory Pool", this pool liner is considered to be one of the best pool liners for kids. It fits perfectly and can turn your pool into a tropical lagoon.


    • You will have no trouble installing this pool liner.
    • Smartline pool liners are all manufactured in North America from 100% virgin vinyl material. You can guarantee that this pool liner has passed quality control.
    • Its vinyl material is vulcanized to ensure it can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.
    • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty


    • In order to securely install this pool liner, a bead must be inserted around the top edge of the pool.
    • Can only be used in above ground steel sided pools

    6. Splash Pools 48 inch x 52 inch blue pool liner

    Best Above Ground Pool Liner 2023: TOP 6 Ratings (7)

    Splash Pools promises a heavy-duty pool liner. As simple as it may look, this pool liner has impressive features.

    Resilient, durable and with welded seams are just a few of its advantages. This pool liner is a good replacement liner for 48" x 52" deep pools.


    • This pool liner has a perfect fit.
    • If you are looking for an all weather liner replacement then this is your best bet. So far, many of its users are satisfied with the quality of the liner.
    • With its 20 gauge vinyl material, you can use this liner for longer years.
    • This liner can keep its color longer compared to other pool liners on the market today.


    • Not suitable for in-ground pools
    • Installation requires effort; Watching a YouTube tutorial is highly recommended.

    Pool Liner Type

    Overlapping liners

    This type typically uses plastic masking strips. These liners are attached to the pool to hold them in place and usually have part of the liner draped outside the pool walls. These are slightly cheaper than other types. If you have a budget pool then this is for you.

    Uni-Bead- oder J-Hook-Liner

    If you've never set up pool liners before, this might be your best bet. The liner looks like an upside down letter "J" or a hook. The long head of the hook measures approximately 1-1/2 inches. It's also great for those who want liners with designs. This allows above-ground pools to take on the appearance of in-ground ones.

    pearl inlays

    One of the characteristics of pearl inlays is that they do not overlap. Its design allows it to fit into a pool's rail. This makes it easier to prevent liners from hanging over the walls of your pool. Be sure to use accurate wall measurements to avoid creases. This is important when purchasing this type.

    Removing the overlapping liner is great. However, this allows water to penetrate between the liner and the wall. Over time, this can lead to damage to the pool walls.

    Expandable liners

    This is a variety of overlap liners. These are made from 60 inch vinyl and are ideal for deep center pools. Its lower section is about 72 inches of vinyl. This makes it possible to support pool centers that are up to two feet deep.

    Advantages and disadvantages of pool liners

    We know that vinyl is one of the most commonly used pool liners. What Makes Vinyl One of the Best Above Ground Pool Liners? What are its disadvantages? What other options are there? Let's have a look:



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    Many pool owners use vinyl. This is because it is easier to get. It's cheaper than concrete or fiberglass. This is also practical in use. It's easy to set up and install. There are also different sizes and shapes to choose from. In addition, its texture does not feel rough. This results in an overall smooth finish.


    Vinyl can wear out over time. It can crack and puncture over time. The average lifespan is about 7 to 10 years. If you move your pool you will no longer be able to use the liner. That's because you can only stretch it once.

    We mentioned custom size and shape as a good thing. But it can also be the other way around. Custom made pool liners can create dead spaces for water to collect. This requires regular maintenance and cleaning. For this reason, correct measurements and a proper setup are crucial.



    One of the problems with vinyl liners is thatpelvic steps. They can look wrinkled. You can solve this problem by using fiberglass pool liners. Fiberglass liners contain these parts in the mold. You don't have to mold them yourself.

    One of the benefits is the reduced cost and labor involved in maintaining the liner and pool. It doesn't require the frequent replacements typically required with vinyl. Long-term costs are also cheaper.


    The initial cost of fiberglass liners can be a deterrent to some. It will cause you to spend an extra $5000-$10,000. Fiberglass pool liners have limitations in terms of pool depth and width. You also can't install it in pools that are about 9 feet and deeper. The same goes for pools wider than 18 feet.



    You can fully customize the design, shape and size of the pool. Unlike fiberglass, you are not limited to a specific depth or width. You don't need to be afraid of cracks or breakage. It is extremely durable and robust.


    Concrete pools take longer to build. Completion can take up to four months. Concrete pools have small holes that allow water to flow through. These holes can harbor algae. To remove these, the walls must be scrubbed weekly. Otherwise, use the other optionchemicals. These chemicals can maintain the balance in pool water.

    How do I choose an inground pool liner?

    The first step in installing an in-ground pool liner is to ensure you are taking the correct measurements. Too many can lead to loose and wrinkled results. Short measurements can cause too much stretching. This can lead to poor durability over a long period of time. As a rule, pools in the ground have different depths. Take this into account when measuring.

    After that, the next step is to know the thickness of the liner you are going to use. Common thickness used is 20 mils. Other options are 28 mils on the wall with 20 mils on the bottom and 27 mils on the pool liner. There is also the 30 mil thick liner.

    (Video) 3 Steps to Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool Liner

    20 mil liners are the cheapest of these options. Shelf life is average, typically lasting up to almost a decade. You can use this for up to 10 years provided it is properly maintained. If not, it may only last about 3-5 years.
    27 mil liners are also great options for in-ground pools. They offer extra durability and improved protection against UV rays. UV rays can damage the substrate and shorten its lifespan.

    30 mil is the most durable and offers better protection from sharp objects. However, the thicker the pool liner, the more difficult it is to install. The thicker options also cost extra each time you upgrade to a thicker one.
    After you decide on the thickness, review the design, pattern, and color choices. You can choose designs and patterns that match the decor of your home.

    You can have a light color pattern or go for a darker theme. Light-colored pool liners can easily show stains when light is reflected on them. Darker colors usually create a better overall picture. Darker colors convey a sense of depth. This makes it harder to show spots.

    After considering all of these factors, you are ready to decide which inground pool liner is best for you.

    How to choose above ground pool liners

    Just like with in-ground pools, proper measurements are essential when choosing the best above-ground pool liner. After making these calculations, choose the liner type that works best. Depending on the type of above ground pool, you can determine the type of pool liner to use. Factors like the size and shape of the pool can help in the decision-making process.

    If you have a standard pool, you might not want to worry about designs, patterns, or aesthetics. In this case, the overlapping liner may be the best option. These liners hang over the side of the walls of above ground pools. This renders frames and designs unusable. Overlap liners usually consist of a standard color and pattern.

    Some pools have the overlap style, but owners may want more design options. In this case, you can opt for a J-Hook or Unibead pool liner.

    You can select beaded liners if you don't want excess liner material hanging over your pool walls. This is where accurate measurements come into play. Correct numbers can help with proper setup. Since you can properly adjust this liner, you can choose from a variety of patterns and designs. This will make your above ground pool look better.

    If you cannot equip your pool with the above options due to the extra depth, the expandable type is the best choice. It offers more material for low-mid cymbals.

    With any of these decisions, it is important to have the right measurements to avoid wrinkles, creases and damage to the pool liners.

    Most above-ground pool liners are easier to measure than in-ground liners. This is because the soil surface is usually flat and even. Most of the time you just need to get the depth and diameter. If you are replacing an old pool liner, you can refer to the measurements given on the old pool liner packaging. If it's not available, have someone help you measure the numbers with a standard tape measure.

    Determining practicality, cost and design can help you choose the best above ground pool liners on the market. Other factors include brand reputation and product reviews. The installation of the pool liner must also be a factor.

    If you prefer to install it without professional help, check if the product allows it. You also need to collect tools like knives, drainage tools and cutters to make the self installation successful.


    Investing in quality pool liners can save you money in the long run. An inferior product can lead to more frequent replacements and wasted costs.

    As we can see, there are many factors involved in choosing a suitable and useful pool liner. Consult and research various in-ground and above-ground pool liner reviews that can help formulate the best decision.

    Choosing a good pool liner is important as its purpose is not limited to just providing that layer between your pool and the pool water. It doesn't just hold the water. It also keeps the pool clean and is easy to maintain. It also adds a personal touch to the swimming experience. This is possible by using designs and patterns as you wish.

    Choosing the right pool liner is challenging and confusing. Our guide aims to help you simplify this process. We also hope it helps you make a safe decision. By putting together the right product, you can make swimming a great experience for you and your family.

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