8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (2023)

Who likes to fill up ice cube trays and put them in the freezer for hours? No one!

In order for it to be worthwhile, one must first find out which refrigerator would be the ideal choice. A fridge that would make ice cream for you. Of course, in a busy world like ours, no one has enough time to fill ice cube trays with water and pop them in the freezer just to get some ice cubes after hours of waiting.

With the very expert help of this highly researched and extensive article, you will find yourself determined enough to decide which type of fridge from the listings below would be your ideal choice. The market for ice machine bridges is thriving and there are tons of choices and options, but clearly not many of these options are worth considering. Most ice making refrigerators on the market are of poor quality and don't last long enough. Absolutely not value for your money.

Here this article will help you. Our well-researched article will help you to find the perfect balance between an ice cube maker fridge that meets your needs and a fridge that fits the price range. All the amazing information brought to you here will help you choose the perfect refrigerator with ice maker. See the buying guide at the end of this article for more information on what to consider.

But first.


Before making a decision, there are a few points you should consider. These essential points are crucial in choosing the refrigerator that is best for you.

  • Refrigerator with double ice maker:If you are looking for a fridge with an ice maker, you might also be interested in one with a double ice maker. If you're into chilled drinks or parties, you could really use one.
  • Fridge with French doors: French doors are in fashion these days. In addition to adding elegance and class to the kitchen, this type of door is very practical.
  • Freezer:Not many refrigerators with ice makers have dedicated freezer compartments. If you're into frozen edibles and desserts, consider getting a freezer.
  • Capacity:No one wants a refrigerator that is just under their required capacity. You must think carefully before investing. The list here is made up of all kinds of capacity requirements so we can have you covered.


Here is our list of the best ice maker fridges available right now.

ice maker fridgeFrosty rating
1. FFHD2250TS refrigerator10/10
[Editor's Choice]
2. GE-Profil PVD28BYNFS8.5/10
3. Samsung Steel 4-door8/10
4. FGHB2868TF refrigerator8/10
5. LG LFXC22526D7,5/10
6. Smad 36 "side by side7,5/10
7. FFHB2750TD refrigerator7/10
8. Smad counter depth with automatic ice maker7/10

1. FFHD2250TS refrigerator

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (1)

why do we love it

  • This refrigerator is based on the design language that is a mix of modernity and technological advancement.
  • It comes in stainless steel color which makes the ambiance very comfortable.
  • Features an electronic lock that ensures ultimate security when living in shared spaces.
  • The fridge has wire shelves that are sturdy and good looking.
  • It's a stainless steel fridge with an ice maker and a shiny finish.
  • Its dimensions are compact: 30.88"L x 35.63"W x 69.38"H.
  • Comes with a powerful compressor.
  • The refrigerator is Energy Star certified.
  • It has an elegant French door design.
Quiet, doesn't buzznone
Light weight: 365 lbs
Capacity: 22.5 cubic feet
Energy Star certified
Shiny solid finish
Powerful compressor
Double French door design
Powerful compressor
Fast cooling

PureSource Ultra II water and ice filtration

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (2)

Tap water contains metallic components, bacteria and germs that we cannot see with the naked eye. These are both harmful and harmful to human health. The Frigidaire FFHD2250TS is equipped with a PureSource Ultra II water and ice filter system. This filter ensures that your drinking water and ice is as pure as a flowing stream. It eliminates 99.3% lead from water. This filter also removes up to 99.9% of cysts from the water to make it even purer. So the ice you get from the dispenser of this best ice maker fridge is nothing but safe and pure.

Uniform temperature

This Frigidaire model is mostly known for many things and features that make this refrigerator not only unique but also a very preferred choice of consumers. One of the most appreciated features of this two door refrigerator with ice maker is its ability to maintain an even temperature inside and throughout the refrigerator. Whatever compartment or shelf you put your otherwise perishable food in, this fridge will keep it safe and at the set temperature. It keeps the temperature in a very narrow range, all thanks to the high quality and powerful compressor.

High storage capacity

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (3)

Although it is a compact fridge, thanks to skillful designers, this fridge has a high capacity and storage space. It has a total of SIX adjustable and removable wire shelves. The company claims that because of its superior design, there are over 100 ways to organize this fridge. These shelves can hold heavy bowls and utensils. There are 2 large fruit and vegetable compartments and a wide storage compartment below. Both doors have compartments for numerous bottles, cans and glasses.

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2. GE-Profil PVD28BYNFS

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (4)

why do we love it

(Video) Ice Maker Not Working? - Check these 6 Things first!

  • It is built by a quality promising company GE.
  • The refrigerator has a stainless steel exterior.
  • Its dimensions are 36.75 x 35.63 x 69.88 inches L x W x H.
  • It has wire shelves that are adjustable and removable.
  • The refrigerator is equipped with an electronic lock
  • This model is Energy Star qualified.
  • It has french doors which is quite trendy these days.
  • The exterior features a very solid pattern in the stainless steel finish.
  • This fridge with ice maker is app enabled and works according to the instructions you set in the app.
  • It is equipped with Turbo Freeze technology.
Freeze TurboSlightly less capacity
Electronic lock
App activated
Smart enabled function
by alarm
High storage capacity
Compact size
Energy Star certified
Stylish French doors

Practical and luxurious backlight

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (5)

The main cooling compartment is illuminated with an LED backlight. This backlight is not only practical but also luxurious. This backlight illuminates the refrigerator for a better view of the components inside your refrigerator. It also makes a very aesthetic look at the fridge. This LED backlight and also the LED control panel make this fridge freezer with ice maker a very preferred choice of consumers.


This ice maker refrigerator is integrated with a flex drawer. This flex drawer is perfect for drinks and for storing and cooling pre-made plates. It's a high-end feature that's only common on budget fridges. Having such a feature in a cheap fridge with ice maker is an added benefit. It is separate from the fridge and freezer compartments and has its own controls. Therefore, you can keep the plates and drinks at any temperature you want, regardless of what temperature is maintained in the fridge or freezer. You can also chill your lemonade or drinks well above freezing. The controls are clear and responsive, and the buttons add to the panel's practicality.

Water dispenser with automatic filling

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (6)

The through-the-door dispenser has an automatic filling function. Again, a very high quality feature is a fridge with an ice maker. This function has high practicality. It detects when the glass is almost full and stops dispensing the water itself. cool right? A perfect feature for anyone who likes to multitask in the kitchen. It can also be useful for someone who tends to forget things.

This auto-fill feature helps stop the water from pouring. This function also works with the ice cube dispenser. Ice cubes are only dispensed through the through-the-door dispenser until the glass or container is detected as full by the built-in sensors. This makes it a very popular 2 door refrigerator with ice maker.

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3. Samsung Steel 4-door

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (7)

why do we love it

  • This refrigerator is in a very elegant black color.
  • This finish is made of stainless steel, which gives your kitchen an amazingly classy look and makes the ambiance worthwhile.
  • The brand is Samsung, which stands for reliability and quality.
  • It has 2 doors and 4 basic compartment settings.
  • It comes with a high quality screen protector.
  • The bins are super spacious and easy to manoeuvre.
  • It is an apartment size fridge with an ice maker.
  • Minimalist and stylish design that reflects modernity throughout the refrigerator.
Classy black finishNo external water dispenser
Anti-fingerprint foil
Outside stainless steel
4 basic subjects
Minimalist design
Robust compressor
Quality that lasts

Flex french doors

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (8)

French doors can be seen in many listings, but what makes this Samsung fridge unique is its flexible doors, which not only add to the style but also storage and capacity. These features add to the practicality, as well as the quality of the refrigerator's performance. These are basically food doors that facilitate access to anything and everything and also ensure that your kitchen's presentation is up to your high standards. These doors have gallon storage that makes it easy to store the otherwise difficult items like giant bottles and containers and jars

Triple cooling system

This is a very unique feature that only this refrigerator has among the offerings. The refrigerator has a triple cooling system. This system uses THREE evaporators and TWO compressors. These evaporators and compressors maintain both temperature and humidity levels in all three zones of the refrigerator.

FlexZone temperature settings

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (9)

The lower right compartment of the refrigerator features the FlexZone temperature setting and command center. It offers versatility with the help of FOUR different pre-set climate control settings. Such a fridge-freezer with an ice dispenser is loved by people with good taste in household appliances and housekeeping.

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(Video) Is the Most Expensive Home Ice Cream Maker Actually the Best? — You Can Do This

4. FGHB2868TF refrigerator

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (10)

why do we love it

  • First of all, despite its size, it has a staggering 27.2 cubic feet of capacity.
  • The fridge is 34 x 36 x 70 inches in length, width and height which is a good size.
  • It has TWO French doors with a stainless steel finish. That always gives an elegant look.
  • The refrigerator is equipped with an electronic locking system.
  • It is Energy Star certified. A certified fridge is a safe fridge
  • A worthy option in the list of ice machine refrigerators.
  • The currently available model is an updated and improved version with better features.
  • It has a water and ice dispenser through the door. Simple and convenient for anyone with a busy schedule.
  • The drawers are practical and of good quality. They have good seals and keep everything fresh inside.
Crunchy sealNo count depth
Energy Star certified
Large capacity
Elegant appearance
sliding drawers
Great filter system

Adjustable internal memory

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (11)

The internal storage of this refrigerator is fully adjustable. You can adjust, remove, and replace each individual shelf and drawer within the compartment as needed. There are slides of different sizes that you can customize to suit your storage needs. That makes this cheap fridge with ice maker worth a fortune.

PureAir Ultra-Filter

The refrigerator is equipped with PureAir Ultra filters that help the refrigerator keep food and other edibles not only fresh but also clean. The air circulating in the refrigerator is filtered and cleaned, so your food stays clean too.

PureSource Ultra II-Filtration

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (12)

This filtration system is one of the most reputable filtration systems capable of filtering 93% lead and 99.9% cysts from water and ice. This filtering helps you to protect yourself from lead poisoning and stomach, liver and kidney diseases in the long term. You always get fresh and pure water and ice at every faucet from the ice maker in the fridge.

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5. LG LFXC22526D

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (13)

why do we love it

  • It's a counter-depth fridge that deserves to be loved, right?
  • The fridge has a dual ice maker, which is obviously better than a fridge with just a single ice maker.
  • It is equipped with intelligent thinkQ technology that boosts its performance and practicality.
  • The refrigerator is equipped with two French doors
  • Offers a lot of space compared to its size.
  • The fridge comes in black color. Its finish is stainless steel, which looks classy.
  • The brand is LG, so reliability is guaranteed, plus the warranty claims are good.
counter-deep installationNo freezer
Roomy: 22.1 cubic feet.
Intelligent ThinkQ technology
Ice and water dispenser combination
Crisp-lock shells
WiFi enabled

WiFi enabled

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (14)

The fridge is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control all of its functions and give almost any type of command from anywhere in the world. Via the app provided by LG, you can control your fridge from anywhere in the world with one tap. This is made possible by thinkQ technology, which also ensures proactive customer care and service. It's a great stainless steel fridge with ice maker.

double ice cream

With a double ice maker located in the freezer, this refrigerator can produce twice the amount of ice in the same time as before. This function is very convenient, especially in the summer, when you actively need a lot of drinks and you run out of ice cream. But not anymore! With this fridge, throw a party or for yourself, you'll never run out of ice cream.

shelf space

With the French doors, this refrigerator offers more storage space and shelf space. It is a fridge with water and ice dispenser. The shelves are adjustable and removable. You can place and fix the shelves according to your storage needs of any size items. And also? You can do it over and over again, each time according to your own comfort and needs.

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(Video) How To Clean Descale Portable Countertop Ice Maker Easy Simple

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6. Smad 36″ side by side

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (15)

why do we love it

  • Is a built-in fridge that can be placed in open spaces and against individual walls instead of just on the countertops.
  • It has a matte finish that looks aggressively classy and exudes stylish vibes.
  • The color is stainless steel. This look and exterior suits whatever theme you have designed your kitchen in.
  • It has a DC inverter. The DC inverter in an ice maker refrigerator is very useful as it can save you a lot of electricity.
  • The refrigerator is DOE certified. This certification speaks for the quality and reliability of the item.
  • Despite being a side-by-side refrigerator with an ice maker, this refrigerator still has a good 26.3 cubic feet of storage capacity.
  • When the humidity is high, 2 drawers in the refrigerator keep vegetables and fruit fresh for longer.

DC inverter
Little space in relation to size
DOE certified
Deli drawers and gallon containers
water filter
Preservation at high humidity
quality compressor

Water filter and icemaker

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (16)

The refrigerator has a built-in integrated water filter. This filter helps keep the water bacteria and germ free. The ice is made primarily from the water that flows through the filter. This filter also filters the water that is dispensed directly from the dispenser. After that, the filtered water is used to make about 4 pounds of ice each day.

Deli drawer and gallon container

The delicatessen drawer is a dedicated compartment in the form of a drawer. It has a double function. Organize items like meat and cheese to be one. And it keeps them at just the optimum temperature required for such items.

Preservation at high humidity

This fridge-freezer with ice maker is equipped with TWO chip drawers with high humidity control. The humidity preservation system in the refrigerator collects and recycles the evaporated water to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. This helps to create an artificial environment like in the gardens.

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7. FFHB2750TD refrigerator

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (17)

why do we love it

  • The refrigerator is in stainless steel design, obviously noble and gentle. It has a solid pattern that adds class.
  • This ice maker refrigerator is in black color. Black suits every theme and ambience of your kitchen. It even fits in open kitchens.
  • It has French doors which are back in fashion these days.
  • The refrigerator also has wire shelves. Wire shelves tend to be stronger and more reliable than glass shelves.
  • The room is quite sizable, especially when compared to the size of the device, it's impressive.
Robust constructionIce machine is not very efficient
Black stainless steel exterior
french doors
to the wire rack
Energy Star certified

Huge gallon tanks

The gallon containers in the doors are of an impressive size. Then they can store from the 150ml can to the 3.5 liter water bottle. And the holding capacity is great too. No matter how heavy the object, these door bins are able to hold things in a very easy way.

Effortless sliding freezer drawers

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (18)

The drawers under the double doors are sliding freezer drawers. These drawers have a very smooth and easy glide and can be closed with just a symbolic push. Regardless, both hands are full of items you just pulled out of the drawer, just give them a little squeeze with your knee and you're good to go.

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8. Smad counter depth with automatic ice maker

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (19)

why do we love it

(Video) Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Review - 6 Months Later

  • Is a french door fridge freezer. Unlike most others, this fridge has a separate compartment for the freezer.
  • Has a stainless steel exterior with a solid finish. This combination is aesthetic.
  • It features high quality LED interior lighting for great ambiance and clear vision in low light conditions.
  • The glass shelves are leakproof. This prevents water and other substances from mixing with other foods on the lower shelves.
Separate freezer drawersLess storage space
Electronic temperature control
Leak proof shelves
Compact design
Great cooling

Leak proof shelves

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (20)

The fridge has glass shelves, which in itself isn't a very great feature, but the best part is that these glass shelves are leak-proof. These glass shelves are leak-proof, preventing contents such as water, juices and other liquid substances that may have dripped from spilling and mixing with other foods. It's a great feature and helps keep the fridge environment clean as well as other foods.

Drawers - Pantry and Crisper

There are pantries and crisper drawers in the fridge. These drawers keep the fridge well organized. The full length of these drawers makes it easy to find items placed within, and the high-quality LED lights help with viewing too.


The refrigerator has an illuminated control panel. This panel features a touch-sensitive input method and displays necessary information along with warnings (if any). This is very helpful and gives you a sense of security while using the device.

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BUYING GUIDE refrigerator with ice maker

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (21)

We are sure that you now have a clear idea of ​​which ones to purchase from the listing. To make things easier for you, here we have a little buying guide for you to clear up any possible confusion you might still have.

storage capacity

When you buy a refrigerator, you should pay attention to the storage capacity. If your compact refrigerator with ice maker offers less than 22 cubic feet of total storage capacity, it's not worth it. Always keep storage in higher priorities

size and shape

The size and shape of the refrigerator with ice maker are important to consider. The more compact it is, the better it is. Plus, on the brighter side, if the listed refrigerator with ice maker has a countertop shape, it would best suit your kitchen's needs, offering both luxury and practicality.


Best would be a small fridge with an ice maker, especially one with French doors. It would be even better if the refrigerator had sliding freezer compartments. Always prefer one that not only has French doors but also fresher drawers for the freezer. A fridge without a freezer with an ice maker would not be a very logical option.


8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (22)

Here are some really important questions to keep improving your information.

Q. How much does a refrigerator with an ice maker cost?

Buying a refrigerator with an ice maker costs about $2300 to $3000 on average. But do your research before you buy to see what best suits your specific purpose.

Q. Can you get a refrigerator with an ice maker?

Absolutely yes. They come in all sizes and budgets. Here we have listed everything you need to know.

Q. Do you need piping for the ice maker refrigerator?

No. You don't need any installation or additional help to set up or use an ice maker refrigerator. It's like installing a regular refrigerator.

Q. Are all refrigerators with ice makers the same?

No, most refrigerator ice makers do not have the same technology or working principle. Similarly, the shape and form of the ice dispensed by different units are also different.

8 Best Ice Machine Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】 - Ice Detective (23)

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